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Jason Fonger

Jason Fonger

An elite triathlete who’s been vegan for over a decade, last year Jason Fonger took first place at the Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship for the 25-29 age category. In his first three seasons of racing, he has earned the top podium spot at 8 triathlon races. He attributes his rapid success largely to the performance enhancing benefits of a plant-based diet, as well as a healthy attitude towards food, fitness, and life in general. This talk will help you better understand why so many people are talking about plant-based eating and show you how to thrive as a vegan long term by identifying common mistakes and giving you tools to avoid making those mistakes yourself.

Triathlete - Vegan - Creator
Jason Fonger

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When I was a kid, I never thought I would take sport so seriously. I was a half-decent hockey player, and I could enjoy snowboarding and skateboarding, but I kind of gave up on myself and told myself I wasn't cut out to be a superstar athlete. Fro most of my life I had another passion. From about age 9 to age 20, I was set on becoming a professional musician. I enjoyed and had some success with this career. I performed at a high level throughout high school and university, winning awards and performing in top ensembles. I also performed and taught professionally for several years. As time went by, I became more and more interested in health, food, and fitness. I began to realize that I had been living a very unhealthy lifestyle. I had been abusing substances such as alcohol, marijuana, and caffeine as well as eating lots of unhealthy foods. I could feel that my lifestyle, if left unchanged, would certainly lead me down a road of poor health. I didn't want that. Sometimes life leads us to unexpected places. We cannot foresee what the world has in store for us. All we can do is make the most out of each opportunity life presents to us. Around age 20, my poor lifestyle habits began to manifest in frequent sickness, lack of energy, acne, weight gain, brain fog, stimulant dependency, and a degree of apathy. I became less interested in my music studies and career, and more interested in learning about how to live a more healthy lifestyle. Even though I did thoroughly enjoy my post-secondary education in contemporary music studies, I felt more passionate about food and eating right for the last 2 years of my studies. I even considered dropping out in my 4th year to go and study fruit farming, but my parents talked me into sticking it out and finishing up my degree. I'm glad I did. As it would turn out, about a year after graduating university I decided to give teaching English in Thailand a try. Having a bachelor's degree served me well for the next few years as I taught, studied, trained, and traveled in Thailand. These years of my life are documented quite well on my YouTube channel. Those who are interested can go back and watch my evolution from the early days of living in Thailand and just starting to get into cycling, beginning to learn the language to where I am now: preparing for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships, speaking Thai confidently, and advocating for veganism. I really love the training and racing involved in the sport of triathlon and I am passionate about helping others succeed in the sport. I recently launched "The Vegan Champion Podcast" which is a stage for in-depth conversations with some of the leading influencers in the vegan movement. You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, and YouTube. 🏆Race Results: 📅2017 ✅February 18, Thailand TriLeague, Bangsaen Sprint. 1st Amateur. ✅May 28, Thailand TriLeague, Pattaya Olympic. 2nd Amateur. ✅July 23, Krabi International Triathlon. 2nd in Age group. ✅August 20, Subaru Orillia Triathlon (duathlon due to poor water quality). 1st Overall. ✅October 22, Challenge Kanchanaburi Olympic. 1st Overall. 📅2018 ✅June 17, Tri-Factor Hua Hin, Sprint Distance. 1st overall. ✅July 22, Toronto Triathlon Festival Sprint. 2nd overall. ✅August 19, Orillia Triathlon. 3rd overall. ✅October 21, Challenge Kanchanaburi 70.3. 1st Amateur 📅2019 ✅Ironman 70.3 Bangsaen. 20th Overall, 1st in Age Group (qualified for Ironman 70.3 Worlds) ✅Thai Navy Triathlon - The Series 2 Chiang Rai, Sprint. 2nd Overall. ​✅Ironman 70.3 Vietnam - Asia Pacific Championship 1st in Age Group ​✅Thai Navy Triathlon - The Series 3 Songkhla, Sprint. 2nd Overall.

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